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The PEO Law Firm, LLC is one of the few firms in Florida with a nationwide practice devoted exclusively to counseling and representing management in labor and employment law matters, including employment law and workers’ compensation defense litigation.  Our Firm represents employers in virtually every major business and industry and regularly appears before federal, state and local administrative agencies and in federal and state courts.  With regard to the PEO industry, our attorneys are recognized as industry leaders with expertise going back to the very beginnings of this dynamic industry.

As the complexity of the labor and employment laws have increased in the years since our attorneys began practicing law, the knowledge, diverse backgrounds and wide range of extensive legal experience possessed by members of the Firm have enabled The PEO Law Firm, LLC to remain on the cutting edge of the emerging and changing laws.  We not only preach compliance with the law, we have helped to draft and mold various laws that govern employment relationships. 

We endorse the preventive approach to labor relations and employment law issues as the best way to avoid labor problems and litigation, and to preserve management’s rights to effectively and profitably manage its business.  The underlying philosophy of  The PEO Law Firm, LLC is to provide our clients with the highest quality and most cost-efficient counseling and representation to achieve our clients’ objectives within the parameters imposed by applicable labor and employment laws. 

Operating a business is full of opportunities for reward, but is also laden with risk. The lawyers of The PEO Law Firm, LLC are nationally recognized for their experience in the PEO, staffing, and health care, as well as numerous other industries.  Let us help your Company protect its investment by guiding your team through the ever-changing and expanding labyrinth of labor and employment law and regulations.